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radix for decimal values, used in header_field_info.display

BASE_DEC  decimal
BASE_HEX  hexadecimal
BASE_OCT  octal
BASE_DEC_HEX  decimal (hexadecimal)
BASE_HEX_DEC  hexadecimal (decimal)
BASE_CUSTOM  call custom routine (in ->strings) to format

Definition at line 152 of file proto.h.

      BASE_NONE,  /**< none */
      BASE_DEC,   /**< decimal */
      BASE_HEX,   /**< hexadecimal */
      BASE_OCT,   /**< octal */
      BASE_DEC_HEX,     /**< decimal (hexadecimal) */
      BASE_HEX_DEC,     /**< hexadecimal (decimal) */
      BASE_CUSTOM /**< call custom routine (in ->strings) to format */
} base_display_e;

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