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strutil.h File Reference

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#define _STRINGIFY(a)   # a
#define STRINGIFY(a)   _STRINGIFY(a)


GByteArray * byte_array_dup (GByteArray *ba)
gboolean byte_array_equal (GByteArray *ba1, GByteArray *ba2)
gchar * bytes_to_str (const guint8 *bd, int bd_len)
gchar * bytes_to_str_punct (const guint8 *bd, int bd_len, gchar punct)
char * convert_string_case (const char *string, gboolean case_insensitive)
guint8 * convert_string_to_hex (const char *string, size_t *nbytes)
const guint8 * epan_memmem (const guint8 *haystack, guint haystack_len, const guint8 *needle, guint needle_len)
char * epan_strcasestr (const char *haystack, const char *needle)
const guchar * find_line_end (const guchar *data, const guchar *dataend, const guchar **eol)
gchar * format_text (const guchar *line, size_t len)
gchar * format_text_wsp (const guchar *line, size_t len)
gchar * format_uri (const GByteArray *bytes, const gchar *reserved_chars)
int get_token_len (const guchar *linep, const guchar *lineend, const guchar **next_token)
gboolean hex_str_to_bytes (const char *hex_str, GByteArray *bytes, gboolean force_separators)
gboolean oid_str_to_bytes (const char *oid_str, GByteArray *bytes)
const char * string_or_null (const char *string)
gboolean uri_str_to_bytes (const char *uri_str, GByteArray *bytes)
gchar * xml_escape (const gchar *unescaped)

Detailed Description

String handling and conversion utilities.

Definition in file strutil.h.

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