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sync_pipe.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Low-level sync pipe interfaces.

Definition in file sync_pipe.h.

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#define SP_BAD_FILTER   'B'
#define SP_DECISIZE   20
#define SP_DROPS   'D'
#define SP_ERROR_MSG   'E'
#define SP_FILE   'F'
#define SP_MAX_MSG_LEN   4096
#define SP_PACKET_COUNT   'P'
#define SP_QUIT   'Q'


void pipe_write_block (int pipe_fd, char indicator, const char *msg)
int pipe_write_header (int pipe_fd, char indicator, int length)
void sync_pipe_errmsg_to_parent (int pipe_fd, const char *error_msg, const char *secondary_error_msg)

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