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capture_sync.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Sync mode capture (internal interface).

Will start a new Wireshark child instance which will do the actual capture work.

Definition in file capture_sync.h.

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#define SIGNAL_PIPE_CTRL_ID_NONE   "none"


int sync_interface_list_open (gchar **msg)
int sync_interface_stats_close (int *read_fd, int *fork_child, gchar **msg)
int sync_interface_stats_open (int *read_fd, int *fork_child, gchar **msg)
int sync_linktype_list_open (const gchar *ifname, gchar **msg)
int sync_pipe_gets_nonblock (int pipe, char *bytes, int max)
void sync_pipe_kill (int fork_child)
gboolean sync_pipe_start (capture_options *capture_opts)
void sync_pipe_stop (capture_options *capture_opts)

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