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_AirpcapKeysCollection Struct Reference
[AirPcap definitions and data structures]

#include <airpcap.h>

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Detailed Description

This structure is used to store a collection of WEP keys. Note that the definition of the structure doesn't contain any key, so be careful to allocate a buffer with the size of the key, like in the following example:.

      PAirpcapKeysCollection KeysCollection;
      UINT KeysCollectionSize;

      KeysCollectionSize = sizeof(AirpcapKeysCollection) + NumKeys * sizeof(AirpcapKey);

      KeysCollection = (PAirpcapKeysCollection)malloc(KeysCollectionSize);

Definition at line 182 of file airpcap.h.

Public Attributes

AirpcapKey Keys [0]
 Array of nKeys keys.
UINT nKeys
 Number of keys in the collection.

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