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BOOL AirpcapStoreCurConfigAsAdapterDefault ( PAirpcapHandle  AdapterHandle  ) 

Saves the configuration of the specified adapter in the registry, so that it becomes the default for this adapter.

AdapterHandle Handle to the adapter.
TRUE on success. FALSE on failure.
Almost all the AirPcap calls that modify the configuration (AirpcapSetLinkType(), AirpcapSetFcsPresence(), AirpcapSetFcsValidation(), AirpcapSetKernelBuffer(), AirpcapSetMinToCopy()) affect only the referenced AirPcap open instance. This means that if you do another AirpcapOpen() on the same adapter, the configuration changes will not be remembered, and the new adapter handle will have default configuration settings.

Exceptions to this rule are the AirpcapSetDeviceChannel() and AirpcapSetDeviceKeys() functions: a channel change is reflected on all the open instances, and remembered until the next call to AirpcapSetDeviceChannel(), until the adapter is unplugged, or until the machine is powered off. Same thing for the configuration of the WEP keys.

AirpcapStoreCurConfigAsAdapterDefault() stores the configuration of the give open instance as the default for the adapter: all the instances opened in the future will have the same configuration that this adapter currently has. The configuration is stored in the registry, therefore it is remembered even when the adapter is unplugged or the machine is turned off. However, an adapter doesn't bring its configuration with it from machine to machine.

the configuration information saved in the registry includes the following parameters:

  • channel
  • kernel buffer size
  • mintocopy
  • link type
  • CRC presence
  • Encryption keys
  • Encryption Enabled/Disabled state

The configuration is adapter-specific. This means that changing the configuration of an adapter doesn't modify the one of the other adapters that are currently used or that will be used in the future.

AirpcapStoreCurConfigAsAdapterDefault() must have exclusive access to the adapter -- it will fail if more than one AirPcap handle is opened at the same time for this adapter. AirpcapStoreCurConfigAsAdapterDefault() needs administrator privileges. It will fail if the calling user is not a local machine administrator.

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