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BOOL AirpcapGetDeviceKeys ( PAirpcapHandle  AdapterHandle,
PAirpcapKeysCollection  KeysCollection,
PUINT  PKeysCollectionSize 

Returns the list of decryption keys in the driver that are currently associated with the specified device.

AdapterHandle Handle to an open adapter instance.
KeysCollection User-allocated PAirpcapKeysCollection structure that will be filled with the keys.
PKeysCollectionSize IN: pointer to a user-allocated variable that contains the length of the KeysCollection structure, in bytes. OUT: amount of data moved by the driver in the buffer pointed by KeysBuffer, in bytes.
TRUE if the operation is succesful. If an error occurs, the return value is FALSE and KeysCollectionSize is zero. If the provided buffer is too small to contain the keys, the return value is FALSE and KeysCollectionSize contains the needed KeysCollection length, in bytes. If the device doesn't have any decryption key configured, the return value is TRUE, and KeysCollectionSize will be zero.
This function returns the adapter-specific set of keys. These keys are used by the specified adapter only, and not by other airpcap devices besides the specified one.

The AirPcap driver is able to use a set of decryption keys to decrypt the traffic transmitted on a specific SSID. If one of the keys corresponds to the one the frame has been encrypted with, the driver will perform decryption and return the cleartext frames to the application. The driver supports, for every device, multiple keys at the same time.

The configured decryption keys are device-specific, therefore AirpcapGetDeviceKeys() will return a different set of keys when called on different devices.

At this time, the only supported decryption method is WEP.

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